Creating space for change


We wanted to let you know that there has been a change of business name.

Most things have stayed the same, though the focus of our work has become even sharper.

Find the new website with all of the details here

We are looking forward to being in contact with you.



Most people want their lives to count – leaders are those who are prepared to take action. In the frantic, complex and uncertain world of most organisations can you see clearly enough to grasp the bigger picture and chart your course, rather than being swamped by the next wave of change?

In Waterside Consulting we have both first-hand experience of leading organisations and high-level skills in coaching and consultancy, along with growing wisdom in using them to enable our clients to flourish. Above all we have the willingness to get our feet wet in helping you, your team and your organisation to thrive and make a real difference in your world. After all, in the end it is people – not policies, strategies or structure – who deliver positive change.

Creating space for change: for leaders, with teams, in organisations